What does the Habilitation Center do? 

For more than 40 years, we have been providing adults with special needs with the knowledge, skills and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives, with dignity, respect and independence. With an array of programs, we provide our clients with warmth, acceptance, and community. Every day, our team provides deep understanding and social and emotional support.

While a body and mind may have limitations, the power and potential of the human spirit, when nurtured in an empowering environment like the Habilitation Center, are limitless.

How does your agency benefit the community?

It was because of the community in 1978 that our doors opened to help those with disabilities, and now we give back to the community by providing a safe, fun place to empower the spirit of those individuals we serve and encourage their unlimited potential. We also provide opportunities to local business and colleges to partner with us through HabCo Manufacturing, the Nursery and Social Work internship programs.

What is your agency’s focus for 2021/2022?

To enable clients to return to our premises to receive vocational training and opportunity, learn life-long, transferrable vocational skills and earn income. We also aim to provide them with connection to competitive employment in the community, if desired, and services to ensure their success at their new job; and continue to provide clients with in-person or tele-mental health services to reduce anxiety, depression or isolation due to COVID-19 or other factors and generally increase their personal joy.

How can the community help?

Our clients’ lives are changed by the compassion of others; a simple hello can go a long way here. There are many ways to partner with us through volunteerism, corporate partnerships, events and financial support. We encourage the community to come visit and see for themselves the hope and love here at the HabCenter. Their potential is unlimited with your help and partnership.

The Habilitation Center is at 22313 Boca Rio Road in Boca Raton. For more information, call 561-483-4200 or go to www.habcenter.org.


Our mission is to equip adults with special needs with the knowledge, skills and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives, with dignity, respect and independence.

Key programs 

  • Social Services: Social Services acts like the hub of a wheel for this multi-faceted and dynamic agency. By continually providing guidance and support for clients, Social Services provides the necessary structure to help clients advance in their development. Whether it is vocational, behavioral or socially, Social Services is dedicated to supporting clients in an all-encompassing way.
  • Developmental Training: Boca Hab’s Developmental Training Programs utilizes a holistic approach to each client’s journey. To maximize independence, we offer training in areas such as vocational skills, socialization, self-advocacy, and self-esteem. All aspects of the client are taken into consideration and they are empowered to try new experiences and activities to promote a greater sense of well-being.
  • P.E.A.R. (Programs in Education, Art and Recreation): The P.E.A.R. project provides training in the activities that increase client’s level of independence and exposes them to education, culture, art, sports and other fun activities. The goal of this project is to increase the skills of our clients with special needs so they can maximize their inherent potential.
  • Vocational Training: Through HabCo Manufacturing and the HabCenter Nursery. Those in Manufacturing Services receive advanced training in performing a wide variety of sophisticated industrial related work, such as electro-mechanical assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services. Also, Our Plant Nursery provides a tranquil, therapeutic environment in which clients, under the direction of an experienced and talented staff of horticulturists, learn all aspects of growing and caring for bedding plants. Earned income helps clients’ secure basic needs and improves their standard of living.

– Palm Beach Post, published 6:25 a.m. ET Jul. 29, 2021

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