The Sharon Heller Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship was setup in memory of Sharon: loving sister, client and friend.

Sharon Heller was born on September 11, 1951 in New York City. While she faced many struggles in her life, she maintained a positive attitude and did not let obstacles block her from living life as she wanted. She relocated to Boca Raton, Florida in the late 1980s and although she missed her friends in New York, in true Sharon style, she settled in and did things her way. Her happiest times were the years she spent at the Habilitation Center. She was proud of her time there and always had positive comments to make to her family. It was clear that her love for everyone at the Center was reciprocated. She established long term friendships with several people that lasted long after she retired in 2013.  The hardest thing for Sharon when she moved to Sun City Center, FL in 2020, was leaving her good friends from the Center. As her family, we are forever grateful that she had the opportunity to spend the time that she did at the Center and to work with and become friends with so many wonderful people.


Sharon’s scholarship fund will enable other clients, like her, opportunities to come to or have additional time at the center plus it will enhance our PEAR activities giving everyone more opportunities for programs in education, art and recreation.

If you would like to hear more about Sharon and the HabCenter please call  or email Pam Brown, Director of Social Services, at 561 886-3037 |

Donate now and support our mission so that everyone can experience the love and joy like Sharon did at the HabCenter.