The HabCenter is proud to announce the establishment of the Christine and Albert Romanello Memorial Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship fund is designed to assist our clients with programming fees and other essential needs, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from the life-changing services offered by HabCenter. The scholarship honors the memory of Albert Romanello, a former client who was deeply cherished by the HabCenter community, and his mother Christine, who passed away. Albert’s time at the HabCenter was transformative, providing him with a sense of belonging and opportunities for personal growth. Christine was a devoted mother whose support and love for Albert were evident in her commitment to his well-being and happiness.

Nancy Petrino, a family member, emphasized the significance of the HabCenter in Albert’s life, stating, “It was important to my aunt to recognize the HabCenter as it was a monumental period in Albert’s life. The HabCenter created empowering programs that helped Albert live with joy, feel like he was part of a supportive community that loved him, and helped his life evolve in new exciting ways. Albert’s work at the HabCenter gave him a sense of pride and independence.”

The Romanello family legacy at the HabCenter continues through this scholarship, reflecting their enduring support for people with developmental differences and mental health challenges. The endowment will enable the HabCenter to further its mission of providing comprehensive programs and services that promote independence, personal growth, and community integration for its clients. The HabCenter is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where individuals with diverse abilities can thrive. Programs include vocational training, therapeutic services, educational workshops, and recreational activities, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for clients. The Romanello Endowed Scholarship will play a crucial role in maintaining and expanding these programs, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder access to these valuable resources.

We are deeply grateful to the Romanello family for their generosity and commitment to our mission. The Christine and Albert Romanello Memorial Endowed Scholarship is a testament to the positive impact that Albert and Christine had on our community, and it will help us continue to support and empower our clients for years to come. Support the sponsorship here.

About the HabCenter:

HabCenter Boca Raton is a nonprofit organization that opened its doors in 1978 to equip adults with special needs with the knowledge, skills, and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives with dignity, respect, and independence. HabCenter provides a safe, enriching environment to empower the spirit of those individuals it serves and encourage their unlimited potential. Essential programs the HabCenter offers are Social Services, and mental-wellness counseling, Developmental Training, Programs in Education, Art and Recreation (P.E.A.R.), and Vocational Training within HabCo Manufacturing and the HabCenter Plant Nursery that provide horticultural training. HabCenter also offers local businesses and universities partnership opportunities through HabCo Manufacturing, the Nursery and counseling, special education and occupational therapy internship programs. HabCenter also has a Supported Employment program, which provides competitive integrated employment (CIE) opportunities for clients who can work in the community by preparing them with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to be successful. To learn more, visit