In the vibrant community of West Boca, the arrival of the new Sprouts Farmers Market on Glades Road has not only brought new business opportunities but also provided enterprising partnerships and employment prospects for community members. Among those who have benefitted from this positive shift are Orry Crane and Seth Ertag, two individuals referred by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for employment services. With the guidance of Employment Specialist, Afrika Moodie, from HabCenter’s Supported Employment Department, Orry and Seth embarked on a journey of cultivating their job readiness skills and crafting compelling marketing resumes.

Orry, driven by dedication and determination, worked closely with his employment specialist for approximately two months. Together, they attended interviews, job fairs, and had face-to-face encounters with potential employers. As the days passed, Orry’s eagerness to work became increasingly palpable.

Seth, a recent addition to the program, partnered with the employment specialist for around three weeks before an serendipitous offer of employment arrived from Sprouts. The stars aligned, granting Seth the opportunity to work at the very store that had recently opened in their community.

Both Orry and Seth secured positions as Courtesy Clerks, aligning seamlessly with their job aspirations outlined in their employment plans from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. From warm customer greetings to efficient cart retrieval and careful bagging of groceries, they quickly adapted to their duties. While they received on-the-job coaching for the first two weeks, Orry and Seth soon found themselves mastering their tasks with grace and autonomy.

Sprouts’ Assistant Store Manager couldn’t help but praise Orry’s exceptional performance, marveling at his ability to retain information and stock shelves with undeniable finesse. This remarkable achievement strongly emphasizes the power of providing individuals with developmental differences and mental health challenges the chance to showcase their unique skills and abilities.

To ensure continued success and smooth integration, the Supported Employment team from the HabCenter conducts weekly visits to the worksite. Their purpose is to assess and enhance performance, providing unwavering support whenever necessary. The HabCenter, equally delighted by this outstanding collaboration with Sprouts, commends the store’s managerial team for their open-mindedness in embracing the employment specialist’s presence on site. This cooperation allows for essential job coaching and fortifies the remarkable and harmonious alliance between the two organizations.

Deepest thanks and appreciation to Community Foundation and PNC Bank for providing financial support for our programs and efforts to place clients in competitive integrated environments.

For individuals with developmental differences and mental health seeking employment support in Broward or Palm Beach County, the tireless Supported Employment team at the HabCenter is ready to assist. Together, their mission is to foster an inclusive society where everyone can flourish. For more information, please contact Magda Marin,