Boca Raton, FL (February 10, 2023) Habilitation Center for the Handicapped, Inc. (HabCenter) is delighted to announce that the nonprofit organization recently was awarded a $100,000 grant from Men Giving Back South Palm Beach County. This transformational grant to HabCenter will directly assist with reducing isolation and increasing mental well-being for people with lifelong disabilities and allow the nonprofit organization to create a new therapy program to address this chronic need.

HabCenter, located in Boca Raton, is a full-time day program that delivers a wide range of comprehensive, individually tailored programs and services to enable adults with special needs to maximize their potential, live fulfilling and joyful lives, and foster the opportunity to become productive, contributing members of the community. With mental and behavioral health counseling, Programs in Education, Arts and Recreation (PEAR), high-level vocational training and development and a supported employment program, HabCenter clients thrive.

The funding from Men Giving Back SPBC will allow HabCenter to create new individual and group therapy sessions, supported by hiring an exceptional new social worker. This increased manpower will allow HabCenter to focus attention on South Palm Beach County residents’ mental health to best equip them with the tools and coping skills they need to navigate the challenges they face. As an adjunct, HabCenter is increasing its offerings from its Program for Education, Arts, and Recreation (PEAR). Their clients will be offered the opportunity to participate in vital social and learning activities that will expand their knowledge and tumble-down barriers that presently exist. These are the vital keys as a balance to good mental health.

“Men Giving Back SPBC has in essence provided a new lease on life for clients at the Center,” said Sherry A. Henry, Director of Development, HabCenter Boca Raton. “Having a disability comes with its challenges, and the post-pandemic effects on the mental health of this population, has severely impacted their well-being and caused additional socioemotional and other issues. This grant allows us to directly address these concerns–and for that, we are grateful.”

Men Giving Back South Palm Beach County’s mission is to leverage the power of men doing good by collectively funding grants to non-profit initiatives that positively influence South Palm Beach County. Its charitable focus areas include Education, Children, Food Stability and Mental Health Services.  To learn more visit

About the HabCenter:

The HabCenter, located in Boca Raton, opened its doors in 1978 to equip adults with special needs in Palm Beach County with the knowledge, skills, and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives with dignity, respect, and independence. The nonprofit gives back to the community by providing a safe, enriching environment to empower the spirit of those individuals they serve and encourage their unlimited potential. The critical programs the HabCenter offers include Social Services and Case Management, Development Training, PEAR (Programs in Education, Art & Recreation), and Vocational Training within HabCo Manufacturing and the HabCenter Nursery. With this grant, there will be an increased focus on the client’s mental health, which will support them in pursuing their dreams and passions in life. The HabCenter also provides local businesses and colleges’ opportunities to partner with them through HabCo Manufacturing, the Nursery, and Social Work internship programs. To learn more, visit