February is National Development Disability Month! The HabCenter would like to shine a light on Pam Brown, Director of Social Services!

Pam has been with the HabCenter for 29 years. Pam started off as an intern almost 30 years ago and had always wished to become a staff member. Upon graduation, she was offered a job- and the rest is history.  One of her favorite aspects of HabCenter is working with the amazing clients. “During my internship, I got to know the clients and decided then and there this is where I want to work.” According to Pam what makes HabCenter so unique for those with special needs in our community is that “we offer a professional, as well as compassionate and nurturing atmosphere where clients grow, prosper and achieve success.” For those in the community who are curious about what HabCenter does, Pam encourages them to “come by and take a tour of the facility and see firsthand the challenging work, the nursery in full bloom and the array of recreational and educational activities offered; and see the clients who express confidence and self-worth and will proudly show you what they do.”

Pam is excited to continue to watch the Center grow with lots of challenging work; and to continue to bring more creative programs to the clients they serve. Pam notes, “It is just an awesome feeling to look forward to going to the HabCenter every day. How many people feel that way about their job? I am so lucky!”

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