In honor of Earth Day, HabCenter wants to shine a light on Aaron Rubenstein, Plant Nursery Manager since 2018. 

Combining plants and serving the community is something Aaron truly enjoys.  He believes HabCenter is a place where people with special needs can gain a sense of community, purpose and support. Aaron strives to create an environment where clients of HabCenter can be fulfilled with the excellent job they do and enjoy their success.

Witnessing how HabCenter brings the community together in support of its mission is something Aaron finds enjoyable and rewarding and would share with those who aren’t familiar with HabCenter that, “Each and every one of our clients’ achievements is a victory for the community.”

When asked if there is a specific memorable moment at HabCenter, Aaron shares, “Every time a client learns a new skill and has that moment of triumph it really drives home the importance of what we do. Last year, a very motivated client was having trouble with organizing plants to maximize their growth. After multiple staff members worked with them using verbal and hands-on techniques, this client was able to grasp the task and had the most amazing look of pride. That client now performs this task with ease and really helps drive our nursery production forward.”

Aaron also notes that, “There is no greater resource than one that teaches people how to work hard and achieve greatness. Our plant nursery grows excellence every day and indeed the entire HabCenter is an invaluable asset to our entire south Florida community.”

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