Donna’s journey towards finding meaningful employment has been nothing short of inspiring. Despite facing numerous obstacles, her determination and resilience have led her to a remarkable opportunity with Saltability, a company renowned for its Himalayan salt stones and committed to creating inclusive work environments. HabCenter’s Employment Specialist’s primary goal is to help individuals with developmental differences and mental health challenges secure employment that aligns with their skills and interests.

When HabCenter’s Supported Employment team first met Donna, her enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute to the workforce were evident. However, her disability and limited job prospects in South Florida presented significant challenges. Donna’s previous experience working in retail and housekeeping showcased her dedication and strong work ethic. However, she yearned for a role that would allow her to grow professionally and make a meaningful impact. It was during this time that HabCenter’s Supported Employment team connected with Saltability – a company that recognizes the unique talents and potential that individuals with disabilities bring to the workforce. Saltability embraced the opportunity to partner with HabCenter, acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusivity within their organization. Together a perfect role was designed to suit Donna’s skills and abilities – a packer for their exquisite Himalayan salt stones.

From the moment Donna joined Saltability, her excitement was palpable. She quickly immersed herself in her new role, learning the intricacies of packaging the delicate salt stones with utmost care and precision. Donna’s attention to detail and commitment to quality soon became evident, earning her the respect and admiration of her colleagues. However, Donna’s success story extends beyond her job performance. Saltability’s inclusive work culture provided her with a supportive and nurturing environment. Her coworkers embraced her as part of the team, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Donna’s infectious positivity and warm personality have made her an invaluable asset to the company. Not only has Donna found fulfillment in her work, but she has also discovered a newfound sense of independence and self-confidence. With each passing day, her self-belief grows stronger, empowering her to overcome any challenges that come her way. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of employment and the immense potential within individuals with disabilities.

“Donna’s journey is a harmonious testament to the transformative power of resilience and opportunity. As a founder of Saltability, witnessing Donna’s accomplishments was a profound experience, a reminder that with collaboration, understanding, and the right opportunities, every individual, regardless of circumstance, holds the potential to create a unique and impactful composition in the workforce. Donna’s success is not just a story; it’s a melody, echoing the limitless possibilities that lie within us all.” – Ann Brown, Founder. Saltability includes HabCenter on their product packaging to spread awareness about the Center.  

Donna’s success story is a reminder to us all that with the right opportunities and support, individuals with developmental differences and mental health challenges can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the workforce. Saltability’s commitment to inclusivity and their partnership with HabCenter’s job coaching services have paved the way for Donna’s remarkable journey towards personal and professional growth.

About Saltability:

Saltability delivers quality Himalayan salt stone products – 100% pure pink Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan through socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing. Saltability also offers specialized Himalayan salt stone treatments for resort, day, medical and destination spas. Spa industry veteran Ann Brown developed Saltability to help others live a healthy, fulfilling life. Saltability is dedicated to employing and empowering those in need so they may lead fulfilling lives. Read more,

About the HabCenter:

HabCenter Boca Raton is a nonprofit organization that opened its doors in 1978 to equip adults with special needs with the knowledge, skills, and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives with dignity, respect, and independence. HabCenter provides a safe, enriching environment to empower the spirit of those individuals it serves and encourage their unlimited potential. Essential programs the HabCenter offers are Social Services, and mental-wellness counseling, Developmental Training, Programs in Education, Art and Recreation (P.E.A.R.), and Vocational Training within HabCo Manufacturing and the HabCenter Plant Nursery that provide horticultural training. HabCenter also offers local businesses and universities partnership opportunities through HabCo Manufacturing, the Nursery and counseling, special education and occupational therapy internship programs. HabCenter also has a Supported Employment program, which provides competitive integrated employment (CIE) opportunities for clients who can work in the community by preparing them with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to be successful. To learn more, visit