P.E.A.R. Program

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The HabCenter launched the P.E.A.R project in 2015 to further adopt a holistic and individualized approach to caring for the persons served. The P.E.A.R project focuses on various aspects to increase well-being and overall functioning. Activities address life skills, mental health, educational and recreational skills. Using trauma-informed care, staff members work collaboratively with the clients to increase their capacity for autonomy, connection, self-regulation, and improved self-concept.

P.E.A.R. activities are offered to some clients daily and others as needed or desired. The program is also offered to vocational training participants, when they need a break from their day, during their lunch break, or after work.  Throughout the day, these are the kind of activities and classes offered:

Education/Life Skills: reading and writing, cooking classes, functional math skills (e.g., recognize numbers and time, measurement, money management), smartphone and tablets course, language (basic sign language) course, history and culture class, life skills, etc.

Basic Functional Science: Individuals learn about animals, plants, weather, as well as the human body, through various mediums including videos, books, and experiments.

Arts and Crafts: Jewelry making, painting, collages, knitting, coloring, photography.

Recreational: board games, card games, bingo, video games, sports, exercise, movies, music therapy, model building like cars, airplanes and ships, and group trivia.

Nature and outdoor activities: Soccer, basketball, walking, stationary bicycles, Zumba, bocce, and various cooperative games.

To further build a sense of community, the P.E.A.R. Program also organizes family and agency-wide holiday parties and celebrations around Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Family Appreciation Day, Friendship Day, and organized Talent Shows.

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