Job Paraprofessional

Job Description



  1. Minimum of a High School degree or equivalency diploma preferred
  2. At least one year work experience with the disabled preferred
  3. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.


  1. Supervisor:       Plant Nursery Manager
  2. Supervisees:    None



  1. Assist in the care, supervision and training of agency clients
  2. Work with clients outside in the Plant Nursery to grow and maintain plants


  1. Complies with agency policies, procedures and directives
  2. Assist with the development of realistic, behaviorally specific program outcomes that are incorporated into the Individual Education Plans (IEP) for each client assigned to this position.
  3. Keeps accurate records and data relating to production, training and habilitation (IEP, Behavior Management, time cards)
  4. Assists in the completion of monthly progress reports and annual assessments.
  5. Under the direction of the position’s supervisory instructor, carry out sound and creative strategies designed to assist each client assigned to this position to achieve his or her program objectives.
  6. Assist supervisor in carefully monitoring and documenting the success each client assigned to this position has in reaching desired program outcomes and, where necessary, contribute to modification of existing program
    objectives and/or the development of new ones.
  7. Proffer all required reports in strict accordance with designated deadlines and make certain said reports are accurate, complete and professionally presented
  8. Treat each client with the highest degree of dignity and respect and act in a way that optimizes client’s right to self-determination and contributes to his or her sense of self-esteem.
  9. Cooperate with fellow staff, as part of a team effort, to assist each client in maximizing his or her inherent potential.
  10. Implements behavioral programs and provides the appropriate reinforcement under the direction of the Director of Programs/ Director of Social Services.
  11. Works with clients, both individually and in small groups.
  12. Attends meetings as requested
  13. Shows initiative and creativity in providing activities during downtime.
  14. Supervises actual plant production and maintains quality assurance standards.
  15. Assists clients in self-care activities and activities of daily living, e.g. toileting of men and women, lifting and managing of maladaptive and aggressive behaviors.
  16. Monitors the cafeteria and common areas as assigned
  17. Reports any behavioral/physical changes in clients.
  18. Attends in-service training as requested.
  19. Maintains client confidentiality
  20. Shares responsibility for closing and securing the nursery as scheduled.
  21. Assists in the maintenance of a safe, clean and well-organized environment and immediately reports any health or safety hazards to the supervisor.
  22. Performs clerical work as assigned, including paper work.
  23. Performs other relevant duties as required and assigned.