1. What kind of training is available for the clients?

Work training: In the nursery, clients learn how to be dependable assets to any workplace by being
professional and responsible. Our best team members enjoy active and varying work tasks, made more
interesting by South Florida’s climate. The nursery is a wonderful place to make friends, learn tasks, and
be part of a great team.

2. What kinds of plants are grown at the nursery?

The nursery specializes in season annuals for the landscape trade. We have the latest products for a
demanding professional landscape market. Heat tolerance, wild colors, season long dependability—are
all requirements for the modern landscape. We excel in quality, selection and customer service.

3. Who do you sell to?

Our customers include golf communities, independent garden centers and landscape professionals.

4. Can individual customers purchase from your nursery?

We are a wholesale nursery. We are not set up for individual sales. We supply thousands of plants every
week to retail garden centers. Your purchase of plants at the following retail garden centers will help
support the Plant Nursery:
* Coral Springs Nursery – Pompano Beach
* NuTurf Garden Shop- Pompano Beach
* Black Olive East- Ft Lauderdale
* Perfect Choice Nursery- Southwest Ranches

5. What is new in the nursery this year?

* This year, we have expanded production of our heat tolerant New Guinea line—the
Sunstanding Series. These plants have extra-large flowers and retain vigor until the hottest
* Our premium line of annuals—grown in our own HabCenter branded pot—continues to
expand. This year we have included Havana Lantana, Pentas Falling Star, and Vinca Soiree.
These premium offerings in larger pots have helped expand our landscape products.
* Premium Soil. We have partnered with Atlas Peat to provide our premium potting soil in
bagged form for our customers. This is the highest quality complete blend that we use in the
* Hydroponics. This year we have expanded our hydroponic lettuce production system. We are
now able to produce up to 75 heads of nutritious leaf lettuce per week. With an expanded line
of Asian greens and herbs, we produce exceptional quality food in a clean, professional
learning environment.

6. Why hydroponics?

Hydroponic growing methods are a good fit for the nursery because it is a water based system. It fits
into our requirements that clients perform work on benches at a comfortable height. Hydroponically
grown plants are also very clean, chemical free and serve as a great introduction to healthy eating
habits. In addition, the produce we grow is donated to local food programs in Palm Beach County. We
have donated lettuce to Boca Helping Hands, as well as other causes. This is a way to connect with the
community that has given so much to HabCenter.